Who am I

Hi! I’m Paul Alionis – online entrepreneur, marketer, consultant and blogger, who is passionate about design and branding.

I've been into online businesses since I was a teenager. I started working with Photoshop and created my first websites 9 years ago. Since then I have worked on many different online projects.

I started my first company when I was 19 years old and created GentleHair ‒ global men's hairstyling community and e-shop.

Alpha Online Business is one of the businesses that I am working on at the moment. You will find lots of great structured content here that will teach you how to build a successful business online from scratch to profit.

Free Instagram Course is free online video training for Instagram marketing and monetization by me.

After accumulating years of experience I started online business and marketing consulting. I have worked with many great people ever since and helped with their business strategies and implementation.

Online With Style is dedicated to design and branding. Ever since I started working with graphics when I was 13, I was told that I have an eye for what looks good and what doesn't. So far I feel that this became my strongest point up to this day.

How Can I Help You

Today's people are sick and tired of meaningless advertising and communication between brands and their customers. Online With Style offers you an opportunity to align your style with your brand. We analyse your brands values and target audience and create a unique identity that would align with the most important aspects of your brand. We choose the best tone, color palletes, logos, shapes and forms that would be used in your visual media. We also create marketing strategies for each channels in order to get the most results out of them.

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